Uniquely tailored with your child’s strengths in mind

At Deener Elite Educational Services, we aim to empower students through confidence building in themselves so students have the tools they need to accomplish any goal set in front of them. We integrate a hands on, fun, uniquely tailored approach to developing stronger academic skills which leads to better grades, higher confidence, and more tools to be successful in all areas.

Our Tutoring Services

One-on-One, Group, and Virtual

We meet the diverse needs of every student through personalized and one-on-one tutoring services. We offer group and virtual tutoring lessons to help your child make learning discoveries.


We find strategies and tools to unlock learning and success for each individual student who is struggling or just needs a review.

Homework Help

Your child can receive homework help in math, English Language Arts, phonics, social studies, science, STEM, history, and literature. We inspire greater success at homework time.

Study Skills

We help students hone strong academic skills and study habits through exam preparation, textbook reading, memory strategies, time management, and more.


Our team assists with projects and helps them have access to reading and writing materials. We spark their imaginations and allow children to express themselves.


We help students reach their full potential through enrichment. We meet them where they are on their academic path and address their needs as they master concepts.

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As a trusted provider of educational services in Baltimore, Maryland, we’d be happy to help you choose the option to best help your young learner. Contact us now.