The standard of academics begins here.

Starting back in 2011, Nadine Zaccheo, the owner of Deener Elite Educational Services, started privately tutoring in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region after graduating with a degree in elementary and special education. During that time she worked on early literacy skills with kindergarteners, science projects with middle school, all the way to college algebra with adult learners. With each student Nadine gave careful care and consideration to each student’s individual needs and played upon their strengths. Her method of not just remediation, but acceleration, has pushed all the students she worked with to their full potential. With pre-teaching skills before they are brought up in school, Nadine has been able to build the confidence level for all learners to be successful and self reliant. As a struggling reader growing up, Nadine never wanted a student to feel the embarrassment she felt in school. She is committed to building each student’s individual “toolbox” in order to be confident learners.

Today, Deener Elite Educational Services offers educational services in Baltimore, Maryland, and serves elementary through eighth grade. We are committed to helping students reach their full potential.


Our mission is to provide high-quality educational tutoring services to equip your students with the life skills they need to tackle any subject, academic, or in life, so they can optimize their full potential.


Our vision is to be the top choice when it comes to tutoring services in the communities we serve, known for our fun, nurturing, and curiosity-driven programs.