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Welcome to Deener Elite Educational Services

Childcare Center Baltimore, Maryland

Deener Elite Educational Services provides educational services in Baltimore, Maryland. We exist to help students build confidence in themselves so they can be successful in any learning environment. We’re different because our focus is for students to build their “toolbox of skills” so they can become self reliant.

What We Do Programs We Offer

We unlock their full academic potential in a wide range of subjects.

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Homework Help

We inspire greater success at homework time.

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Study Skills

We help students hone strong academic skills.

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Group, One-on-One, and Virtual

We offer personalized and one-on-one tutoring services.

Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality educational services to equip all students with the necessary academic and authentic life skills to tackle any subject or life challenge, so they optimize their full potential.

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See what other people or parents say about us and our services.

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One of my biggest barriers to finishing college was my lack in confidence to handle the math curriculum. My prerequisite skills were not up to par. If I was going to do this I needed someone who understood where I was coming from and the anxiety that came with it. Nadine was exactly what I needed. She was able to explain the curriculum to me in a way that I could I understand it and build upon. My course were accelerated and she made herself available for those 8 weeks. Not only did I pass, but I got an A in the course! I accomplished my goal of passing college algebra, and her tutoring gave me the confidence to continue my other math requirements for my degree I am graduating with my bachelors in May 2023 at the age of 43! I highly recommend Nadine Zaccheo for any math curriculum and at any age!

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Donny Yarros

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Nadine is the best in the business!!! She tutored my kindergarten aged son in phonics and reading. She knew all the tips and tricks to make it fun and keep my guy engaged. Nadine’s mastery of the content areas is second to none and she is a natural talent connecting to children. Those tutoring sessions made all the difference in my son’s reading fluency and his comprehension. I highly recommend Nadine!

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Christina Scranton

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Nadine has tutored all five of my children over the years. Each one very different from the other, Nadine was always able to find their strengths and focus on the positive, while helping them in the areas where they struggled. Under her watch, my kids flourished in school, but more importantly, she helped to build their confidence. We miss Nadine so much, but are thankful for the time we had with her!

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Katie James

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Nadine helped our daughter Cate with Math in 2nd,3rd and 4th grade. Before Nadine started working with Cate she was really struggling and had virtually no confidence in herself. Shortly after working with Nadine Cate became much more confident and her grades in Math improved dramatically. We credit Nadine with not only helping her improve in Math,but also helping Cate believe in herself as a student over all and her overall performance improved to the point that now as a 6th grader all of her grades,including Math are in the high 90s. Nadine also went the extra mile with Cate and not only tutored her but she also took a genuine interest in her which also had a huge positive impact on her as a young girl. In short,we can’t say enough good things about Nadine as a teacher and a person. We’re forever grateful for the impact she had on Cate as a student,but more importantly as a person.

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Anne & Pat Casey

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